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أسرع الشحن إلى بلدك

خێراترین گواستنەوە بۆ وڵات

At Your doorstep. No Worries with the fastest delivery

على عتبة داركم. لا تقلق مع التسليم السريع

بۆ بەردەم دەرگات. دوو دڵ نابی لەگەل خێراترین گەیاندن

We Accept All major payments. Credit Card, Paypal & More

نحن نقبل جميع طق الدفع الرئيسية. بطاقة الائتمان ، باي بال والمزيد

ئـیمە هەموو شیوازی پارەدانەکان قەبوڵ دەکەین. کریدیت کارد، پەیپاڵ و زیاتر

Your Search, Lots of stores, Great choice, one shopping cart. Check out in one go.

بحثك لديه القدرة للوصول إلى الكثير من المتاجر المريكية في عربة تسوق واحدة.

گەڕانەکەت، کۆمەڵێک کۆگا، هەڵبژاردنی مەزن، یەک عارەبانەی کڕین. بە یەک جار دەرچۆ.

Your favorite American brands brought to you. Express Delivery.

التسليم السريع للعلامات التجارية الامريكية المفضلة لك

ئەو براندە ئەمریکیانەی کە ئارەزوو دەکەی بۆمان هێناویت. خێرا گەیاندن.

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طق الدفع الامانة

دڵنیای لە پارەدان

Affordable shipping costs

تكاليف الشحن بأسعار معقولة

گونجاوترین کرێی گواستنەوە

No more complexity managing US “addresses.”

لا مزيد من التعقيد في إدارة عناوين الافتراضية في الولايات الممتحدة

هیچ ئاڵۆزیەک نیە لە لەئەستۆگرتنی لە ئەمریکا "ناونیشانەکان"

Checkout one time at your convenience, we will manage the rest

الدفع مرة واحدة بسهولة ، ونحن ندير الباقي

یەکجار بچۆ دەرەوە بە ئاسانی، ئەوەی ماوە ئێمە لە ئەستۆی دەگرین.

Each and every product in your order is handled individually and shipped as soon as received

يتم التعامل مع كل منتج في طلبك بشكل فردي وشحن المنتجات حين استلامهم على الفور

هەر یەک وە هەموو بەرهەمەکانی داوات کردووە یەکە یەکە ئامادە دەکرێ وە لە نزیکترین کات پێت دەگات.

Best local couriers engaged with speedy local delivery

التوصيل المحلي السريع مع أفضل شركات النقل المحلية

باشترین رێبەری خۆماڵی(لۆکاڵی) لەگەڵ خێرا گەیاندنی خۆمانە.

Free Insurance, delivery guaranteed or your money back.

تأمين مجاني ، تسليم مضمون أو استعادة أموالك.

بیمەی خۆڕای، گەرەنتی گایاندن یانیش پارەکەت وەردەگریتەوە.

Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

  • ARBELA makes efforts to remove from display any products that are prohibited from delivery to the target country. In the event that a product is displayed and an order placed, the order may be subsequently cancelled by ARBELA and a refund made to the customer.
  • Delivery timings:
    • After you check out ARBELA will confirm you order is placed within 24 to 48 hours
    • If there is an issue with your order (out of stock, special handling, customs requirements or other) we will contact you and if necessary cancel the order.
    • Timing of delivery to our partner Freight Forwarder facility in the US depend upon the store from which the product is purchased (these timings are typically stated on the store online website)
    • Typically the freight forward partnerships the same day or next business day.
    • Shipping interval to the destination country can be affected by product size and weight, the shipping method and especially if there are special customs conditions at the destination country. For ordinary conditions delivery to your country is typically achieved in 3-5 days.
    • In country first delivery attempt is estimated to be achieved in 1-2 days.
  • As above, your products should be delivered to you within 6 to 10 business days from the moment we confirm your payment. This may vary in some cases for example if weather conditions prevent flights to your country, the time taken to transit Customs in your country, delays of shipping by the provider or saturation of shipping during season high purchase, etc. Arbela does not guarantee a definite delivery time nor is it responsible for delays. The status of your order can be gained by contacting us or via the website
  • You will be informed of the estimated delivery on a product by product basis at the time of check-out. We do not guarantee delivery of products within the estimated transit time or by the estimated delivery date.
  • Efforts are made to manage products that are restricted; that is, where local conditions may require special documentation, or special license, Arbela will make reasonable best endeavors to ensure delivery in the most efficient manner and that you will be kept informed.
  • Shipments will be made to the address indicated by you. Two attempts will be made to deliver to the address and in the event, the product cannot be delivered as agreed you will be advised of a pickup address.
  • In the event product is held at the pickup address, product will be held at the pickup address for 30 days.
  • Arbela ships products by ground or air at its discretion
  • Our carriers usually do not pick-up or deliver packages on weekends or holidays.